Congratulations, ко дню святого Валентина| страница 1

Spiritual wishes and romantic cards on Valentine's day. With Valentine!


My love it's like tornado - so strong so huge. I love you.

Angel flight in your hearts. Love is now in my soul. Happy Valentine Day!

I used to hate Valentine's Day: ridiculous cards, false compliments. But when I met you, everything changed! ... Forgive me for this silly greeting.

Congratulations, little thief! You stole my heart, but I'll forgive.

Surpassing attraction and passion, loving you opened the true depths of kindness and happiness I never appreciated could exist.

Loving you is my guiding star, today and always. Happily and truly yours.

You mean the world to me. I love the care you give me without compromising or asking for anything in return. Happy Valentinesday.

This day I want you to know that you are my dream, my love, my Valentine. And it’s the most beautiful thing in my life.

I love you and its truth and nobody in this world can’t take it feeling from my heart. Happy Valentine Day!

Laughter and love makes the heart grow fonder…so the more Valentine’s Days we celebrate together, the more I’ll be less of a pain! Here’s to many more!

Thankful for the love we share each and every day and for the kisses and hugs that brighten our day. Happy Valentine’s Day dear!

Valentine day giving a hope for me that you can say yes and be my angel.

Love it's a pain, love it's a poison but it is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

My heart is like a bomb. If you say 'no' it's blow up. Save my life my angel.

You are my dream and this day I want to wish for myself some brave to say: 'Be my Valentine?'