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Greetings for the Winter holidays

Reach forward. Don’t look back. Go through the doors that are opening for you. May your choices be skillful and blessed. Happy New Year!

I have the perfect resolutions for you. Lose weight. Work out. Eat greens. Complain less. Discard the above at will. Happy New Year!

May God grant you the confidence, peace and wisdom you need to achieve incredible victories this New Year. Be richly blessed!

Here’s a novel idea. Start the year with a full night’s rest and get some earplugs to block out the big bangs. Happy New Year.

How many resolutions to you plan to keep this year? That’s what I thought! But you’re okay with me, so no worries. Happy New Year!

I wish you this New Year brings just smiles, good memories and ocean of happy.

May this New Year be full of memories and friends that you can cherish for a lifetime. Wishing you good luck and a happy New Year!

I wish you nothing but happiness and new adventures as we ring in the New Year. May this year be the very best yet!

Wish you a lot of presents a lot of friends in your house and a lot of miracles in your life. Happy New Year!

"Best year ever!" You'll hopefully say in 12 months, glancing back. Party ahoy!