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To the Wedding celebration. Kind words and beautiful pictures, cards for the wedding.


Congratulations to the wedding couple. Kind words young author's prose and poems for wedding.

You are the best couple I’ve seen in my life. 'Don't worry, be happy' - I will wish to both of you.

Wishing you brightest memories not only this wedding day, but every day of your happy family life.

Congratulations! Let this day become your common fairy tale!


Family life is like a big box of candies. There are some tastes you probably don't like at all, but it's always sweet.

Seeing two people so beautifully in love, this life-changing day is more than perfect. Happy for you!

Now that you are married, master the art of saying yes to everything your spouse wants. They deserve it! Congratulations!

Make love not war, make children not mistakes. God bless your new family.

You found each other in this world and I'm happy to see moment when your two hearts now like one. New family was born. Cheers!

Your feelings I can see with my closed eyes, because it's flame between you. Happy wedding day, happy family life!

Wedding it's a moment when new family was born. I want to wish you to celebrate it's 100-th birthday, not less.

I’m wishing you sea of love and ocean of happy for this new family. Cheers!

Like your friend I should say I’ve never see so beautiful and loving couple and so funny wedding. Be happy forever!

New family was born today. Wishing to you save feelings that now in your heart and carry them through all life. Happy Wedding Day!

Your big day has finally arrived! Have some champagne and live it up. Remember, this might be the last time you ever get him on a dance floor…

Marriage is a marvelous blessing! Congratulations on finding each other and best wishes on a long and prosperous life together!