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To the Wedding celebration. Kind words and beautiful pictures, cards for the wedding.

Wedding Day

Wedding`s anniversary-Iron Wedding


Congratulations on the anniversary - Iron wedding.

6 years in the marriage – cast-iron wedding (candy, Rowan).

Sixth anniversary is called cast-iron wedding for a reason. Continuing the trend of strengthening family ties, because cast iron is metal and metal solid. Cast iron in the house is always in Association with something hard, heavy, black in color, but cozy and warm. Although it is now rarely seen in the sale of iron utensils, cast iron products, almost eternal – they do not rust, they are easy to cook, they hold a good temperature. Iron wedding, thus, symbolizes strength, durability and comfort of the family. When the relations of peace and calm. When relationships have emotional explosions, fighting and sharp debate, you need to remember that cast iron is brittle, and strong impact can break forever – it warns us the name of the cast-Iron wedding.

The name of the wedding on the sixth anniversary (6 years) – cast-Iron wedding, candy, Rowan.

  • accepted gifts articles made of iron casting, utensils (if you find), barbecues, and more.
  • In a cast iron wedding party decided to check the thrift housewife cuisine. Mother-in-law used a method of white gloves and were able to come to the house to inspect. If the glove remained clean after checking all surfaces, as well as, the bottom of cast iron skillets, the thrift and diligence of the hostess confirmed.
  • Rituals.
    • In a cast-iron wedding invited a small number of guests, just close friends. After meals, cast iron cookware was proudly exhibited on the table, the pot was set off in a circle, and the guests threw him a coin or note of best wishes for happiness and good luck in marriage.

The advice of psychologists team

- Remember that family and family relations is an activity the success of which depends on the spouses. Always 50%/50%. Doesn't happen here right and wrong. The couple always both involved in the Affairs of the family half.

- Don't be surprised this variety of advice on the preservation of marriage and family. Statistics show that family – not just because it is for happiness. And happiness is to working.