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Greetings cards for Easter of Christ. Jesus Is Risen!


Peace, hope and love these things I want to wish everyone on this day. Happy Easter!

Great Day is coming. Open your soul and heart. Happy Easter!

Enjoy the coziness that Easter brings. And let it always be as lovely as it seems.

I wish you an eGGstremely wonderful Easter!

This Day and forever I wish you to be kind and patient for all people. Happy holiday!

Happy Easter is coming to give you a hope that brings peace, love and colorful eggs.

I wish that God blessing you not only today but all your life.

All people in the world are celebrating the holyday of faith. Let's pray together. Happy Easter!

You had better don your bonnet, put on your Sunday best, and get ready for the best part of spring. Happy Easter!

The sun is shining, the Easter eggs are hidden, and there is an unlimited amount of chocolate to eat. Why are you spending time reading cards? Happy Easter!

Get ready for chocolate, sun & fun! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Happy Day! Happy Peoples! Just these things are important this time. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Wishing you the God blesses your home and your family, brings love and hope in our hearts. Happy Easter!

Jumping for joy, Easter Bunny is packing you baskets of chocolates. Hope he gets here in time! Happy Easter!

Some Bunny really loves you! Have a great day!