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Today we celebrate the Day of freedom and independence. We are proud to be part of great country. God bless us!

Happy Independence Day! Independence from all troubles and other bad things. It’s freedom and proud of our country.

Independence is like a virus. It lives in our blood, heart and brain. Let's keep in touch and infect others!

My grandfather always told to his wife: "If you want to be independent, let's carry our heavy bags together". How great that those days are gone! Now we can order a takeaway. Have a nice Independence Day!

Honoring this joyous occasion, may cheerful celebrations bring about glory and pride this beautiful day deserves.

Uncle Sam is waiting for you to set off those firecrackers! Enjoy the festive day and party til you drop!

Happy Birthday America! Thankful for all the people who made this country free!

4-th of July it’s a great day. The day of our historical freedom. Happy birthday America!

Today it’s time to look at our flag and sing our hymn. Today it’s great holiday – independence day. Happy birthday my country!

It’s a great country. It’s a country of democracy and freedom. God bless America!

Remember our forefathers, celebrating this all-important day. May it gift you joy, happiness and laughter!

Happy Independence Day to all our people! You deserved it. Wishing to everyone sparkling holiday. Uncle Sam.

Many years ago we keep our freedom. Wish to all of us don’t lose this feeling and save it in our hearts. God bless America!

Wish all of us to take a rest today with our families. Happy Independence Day brothers and sisters! Happy Birthday America!

Eat more food than you should. Dance ‘til dawn. Drink the town dry. You’ve always been rather…unique, but today, we’ll just call you “independent”! Happy Independence Day!