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More, beautiful and funny. Congratulations on the Birthday

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Congratulations on the Birthday. 

Everyone gets this joy - Birthday, once a year. More experience, more success, joy and life. You have a reason to look at your biography and the Birth certificate. A reason to celebrate this day with friends or family, or together. It makes us closer to each other, every birthday.

Birthday Wish-Be Wild! Love Queens!

Be Wild! Love Queens! Ride Harley! Listen Rock! Make around-the-world trip! If not - just be Happy! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish-I hope every day...

I hope every day of your life be filed with smiles, the feelings of happiness and all-consuming love. Life is so beautiful to waste it. Happy Birthday My Friend!

Birthday Wish-Real man doesn't ask...

Real man doesn't ask what to do. He is just take action what ever. As I know you are the real man. If not - It's the best moment to start. Cheers Mate! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish-Today you stronger...

Today you stronger, wiser and more established. Resolve to make a difference. Pass it on. Share your experience and knowledge with someone younger. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish-Congratulations, it’s your birthday...

Congratulations, it’s your birthday again and nothing has changed – except for extra greys, new wrinkles and added pounds. But who cares about that? Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wish-We are not celebrating...

We are not celebrating your age today. We are celebrating you. Reliable. Devoted. Joyful. Encouraging. You are a gift to all. Happy Birthday to you!