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Cards and wishes for all!

Happy Birthday

A holiday, every day

Congratulations happy birthday to wishes-box is the original poetry and prose from our authors. Here You will find hundreds of good congratulations and wishes, as well as interesting ideas in “tips”.

Best wishes of happy Birthday written with soul and attention our authors. Cards with wishes and a good and kind wishes of friends, personal wishes are simple and sincere words to your colleagues, relatives and loved ones. Wishes, showing attention and care to dear people.

Unique greetings in the form of funny or romantic cards, by name, or date, for a friend or classmate, colleague, or aunt, a woman or a man. Send voice greetings or wishes in the form of postcards - surprise boyfriend or girlfriend.

Find yourself the best wishes of happy Birthday, which is suitable for Your birthday.

Only original cards and only unique greetings and wishes. Cool ideas for holidays.











Calendar of celebrate

Catholic Christmas

The day of remembrance. This day is the forerunner Orthodox Christmas. On this day, Catholic denomination celebrates Christmas.

Christmas in churches using the Gregorian and revised Julian calendars, as well as in the Japanese Orthodox Church.

New Year

The feast of the world scale because it celebrates most of the countries and people on the planet. 1 January as the beginning of the year, established Great Rome, and since that time has become a tradition to celebrate the beginning of the New Year on January 1st at 00.00 hours. In the scale of Earth New year, taking into account time zones starts on the island of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean, and ends in the Pacific on the Islands of midway. New Year, thus making a circle around the globe, bringing gifts and joy in every house during the day. 

Almost all of the Earth's population celebrates this day. We congratulate each other, celebrate, meet and see off the Old New Year. 

In the New Year there are many traditions that differ depending on the country or celebrating the nation. We have, there is a sign, for example: "How to celebrate New Year so spend it", because we wish:

All around the world, to celebrate the New Year with the ones you love, maximally rich, full and generous, fun and more fun. Happy New Year.

Greetings and cards for popular holidays:

  • on every day - 
  • periodic -
    • Winter`s holidays: 
      • New Year
      • Old New Year
      • Twelfthday;
    • Праздники любви:
      • Valentine`s Day
      • Women`s Day;
    • Our heritage:
      • The day of the Soviet army
      • Labour day
      • Victory day;
    • The Holy days:
      • Merry Christmas
      • Happy Easter

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